Ranch Exterior Remodel Project

Ranch Exterior Remodel Project

We started this ranch exterior remodel to improve the look of the exterior as well as to address the problems that the homeowner was having with extremely high utility bills.  The home originally was constructed of log and log siding.  We removed the log siding and applied stucco to the exterior.  We then added a rock exterior and wrapped all of the windows for added coverage.  Gutter was placed around the roof line to improve the flow of rainwater away from the exterior walls and onto the metal roof.

Energy Efficiency Savings

The homeowner’s utility bill went down over $100 for the month of August compared to the previous month of July. We can’t wait to hear what their savings will be during the winter months where temperatures can dip down to freezing here in Cedar City, UT.

Here are the before, during, and after pictures:

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Mike is a general contractor with over 30 years of experience. He started out installing siding and gutters and over the years has expanded into remodels, additions, and new home construction. Mike has resided in Utah for most of his life and is an Air Force veteran.