Roof Damage from Utah Summers

Roof Damage from Hot Utah Summers

Our Utah summer is here and as the temperatures rise, the more susceptible your roof becomes to heat damage. Our temperatures for the next month are set to be in the high 90’s and over time your roofing materials can deteriorate. High heat and winds actually play a role in the degradation of your roof system. Typically this type of deterioration takes years to occur, but it is important to take care of any damage as soon as possible to avoid paying for costly repairs down the line.

Heat Damage

Heat can cause roof materials to change their inherent structure. Asphalt shingles, which are the most common roofing materials, can begin to degrade after they are repeatedly exposed to high temperatures. The heat cycle causes the material to lose many of the qualities that make it ideal for use on the roof.  The shingles become hard, inflexible, and brittle. They may begin to crack, which would allow moisture to pass through the roof and into the interior of your home.

Sideone Exteriors

Roof Needing Repair

Signs of Roof Damage

Watching for signs of roof heat damage can help you catch a problem before it becomes a major problem. Some of the things to watch for are:

  • bubbles
  • shingles that are cracking
  • lost granules

In our area, stand back from your home and look at your roof on a windy day. If the shingles are flapping, granules are blowing off, or shingles are missing, you may have heat damage.

What to do

To prevent your roofing material from degrading due to summer weather, make sure that your attic is properly vented with no obstructions. Choosing lighter colored shingles can also extend the life of your roof in the heat because they will reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.

Any roofing product has an expected lifetime. It is important to inspect your roof at least twice a year to see if you have any visible damage. If you suspect any damage, please contact us for a roof inspection or a quote. We will take a look at your roof from up on your roof and give you an assessment of what needs to be done if anything.


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