What is Stucco?SideOne Exteriors

Stucco is a durable, attractive, and weather-resistant wall covering. It was traditionally used as both an interior and exterior finish applied in one or two thin layers directly over a solid masonry, brick, or stone surface. The finish coat usually contained an integral color and is typically textured for appearance. Today it is widely used as an exterior coating on most homes due to its esthetic appeal, longevity and easy maintenance.

Exterior Stucco

In exterior wall applications, the lath is installed over foam insulation and a weather-resistant asphalt-impregnated paper that protects the framing from the moisture that can pass through the stucco.  The stucco is then applied in a two step process

  1. Scratch coat – it consists of cement and sand. It is troweled over the wire mesh or netting and allowed to cure.  It is allowed to cure to allow for shrinkage and cracking to take place. This normally occurs at the corners of the windows and should be allowed to happen.
  2. Finish coat – the acrylic finish is applied over the scratch coat and can be ordered in most any color and done in a variety  textured finishes.

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